6 Suggestions to Elevate & Enhance Your Next Corporate Event or Party

With the holidays fast-approaching, you may be getting ready to pull together a corporate party or event. There are some ways to ensure your event is remembered later, and to help enhance the overall experience which can improve attendance in the future. Delegate a team and plan an event that is not only well attended, but that is worth attending as well!

Six show-stopping features that enhance any corporate function are:

1. A light show. Light up your party venue with something festive and bright- LED lighting. Treat your event like a high-end party with the glamorous look of LED light displays, which also make the perfect background for photos or a 'step-and-repeat'.

2. Truly great food. Ask anyone after an event what they remember, and typically the response is the food. Serve really great food at your event as a way to thank attendees for their participation. Hire a caterer and staff to ensure the meal is top-notch.

3. A memorable performance. Make sure that you give your team a reason to attend the event. If it is work-related, hire speakers, authors, and lecturers that will inspire or motivate. If it is for fun, consider highly-rated performers, singers, or groups that will suit a wide audience.

4. Distinct details. Don't overlook the small details that will impress your participants and enhance their overall experience. Pay attention to comfort when planning your corporate event. Consider things like parking, seating, and your guests' overall experience so the activity appears well thought out overall.

5. Sweet swag. If you want to please and impress your attendees, send them home with some sweet swag. Put aside some money in your budget to give out some items that make the event even more memorable, such as swag bags filled with high-end promotional products. Plan ahead and approach area vendors for items that will garner them exposure while providing you with unique goodies for your guests. If you go with the light show, something like an LED poi could be a fun momento of the performance. You can learn more through services like Light up and Juggle.

6. A succinct schedule. Maybe the most effective way to elevate the experience of attending a corporate or work-related event is to get everyone home on time. Stick to a tight schedule or punctual agenda to ensure everything is covered, while allowing your attendees to leave at the predetermined time. Make it convenient for your colleagues to attend your event by keeping an eye on time.

Use these tips to provide enhance your upcoming corporate function, and to ensure your attendees have a worthwhile experience. Plan early, and work with a team to prepare for the event; this can help make others feel inspired and invested in the event's outcome.