Emulate The Classics Or Build Personal Projects

Much to the chagrin of some 80s kids, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) is considered retro. That means it’s cool to hook up an old system, play games that some millennials could have sworn were from just a few years ago, and get a lot more street cred for it than when the games were just for kids or for nerds. It’s a lot easier to hack game cartridges, and playing custom NES-style games (or old games with abandoned copyright) merely requires getting the right equipment and connecting it to a board. If you’d like to rebuild an NES or create a custom gaming console with original designs, here’s a few options and ideas to take advantage of a childhood turned into a retro fad. Understanding Game Emulation The topic is steeped in controversy, as some of what happens in emulation is of questionable legality. Not too long after the Super Nintendo Entertainment System became replaced by newer consoles, these barely-outdated games started popping up on the internet under the term “ROM.” ROM is Read Only Memory, and it refers to chips Continue Reading →